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Model FT40-8L

Standard FeaturesDetails
Length 40'-0
Main Beams 24" Fabricated w/8" Center Drop
Suspensions Hutchens - Three Point - 3 Spring
Axles and Spacing 2 - 25,000lb Cap - Type 30 Air Chambers, Auto Slack, ABS
Wheels Disc - 10-Hole Disc, Hub Piloted
Tires 11R24.5 Radials (*American*)
Tandem Setting 60" Standard
Kingpin Settings 20"
Kingpin Height 48"
Revolver-Greaseless Upper Coupler No
Landing Gear Heavy Duty Winch Back 7" Foot
Bolsters 4" X 10" X 102"
STD Size 5" x 5"
STD Height 96" Overall
Winches 4 Straps
Winch Placement Frame
Headboard No
Drag Bar Yes
Drag Brace Yes
Cover Entire Length of Tandem Yes
Parking Brakes No
Grapple Bar Yes
Tire Rack No
Dust Shield No
Scales No
Sealed Wiring Harness Standard
Lights Standard LED
Paint Black
Optional Features
Additional Length - Adds 60lbs per Foot
8'-0" Wide Trailer - Deducts 100lbs
1/2" KP Plate - Adds 60lbs
Revolver Greaseless Coupling System - Adds 40lbs
Drag Bar Behind Back Bolster
Grapple Bar off Rear Bumper - Adds 85lbs
Additional Bolsters - Adds 450lbs ea
Movable Bolsters - Adds 50lbs ea
Removable Standards
Additional Lights in Uprights
Two-Speed Landing Gear - Deducts 165 lbs
Additional Winches - Cables or Straps
Single Point (2 Spring) Suspension - Adds 800lbs
Air Ride Suspension - Adds 310lbs
Air Lift One Axle - Adds 135lbs
Type 30/30 Spring Brakes - Adds 40lbs per axle
Add Third Axle (Spring Ride) - Adds 1800lbs
Add Third Axle (Air Ride) - Adds 1885lbs
11R22.5 Tires - Deducts 88lbs
425/60R22.5 Super Singles on Aluminum Disc Wheels - Deducts 595lbs
Aluminum Wheels (outside Polished) - Deducts 280lbs
Special Paint Color - (any color other than black)
Tire Inflation System - Adds 55lbs
Air Gauge in Sealed Box
Onboard Electronic Scales (Trailer Only) - Adds 55lbs
Onboard Electronic Scales (Truck Only)
Onboard Air Scales (Trailer Only) - Adds 30lbs
Auto I.D. Transmitter for Multiple Trucks, Trailers
Headboard - Adds 450lbs
Steel Fenders - Front Mud Guard
Steel Fenders - Full Front Fender
Steel Fenders - Rear Tandem Fender
Technical Drawing
* All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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